post your suggestions here, we’re working on making swys as easy to use as possible!

  • thumbnails (look like crap)
  • bigger map on submission page
  • ability to enter an address or lat/lon on submission instead of zooming in and clicking
  • post name = “location name” from form, don’t add anything from the map
  • center map page’s map to the same settings as my old swys google map
  • use the blue icon for locations on the map instead of red
  • post map as however the user entered it?  I think it might be doing this now, Okemo is a satellite, stowe is terrain?
  • change the submission page map to hybrid (and bigger)
  • main map page map to hybrid as well
  • turn off scrolling to zoom on all maps
  • format the posts so the text is like a normal post (edit DIVs so they’re not tiny)
  • categories on the submission form should be either in a bigger window (and have text that says CTRL-click to select more than one) or use radio buttons and show the entire list.  A radio button at the end for “new category suggestion” would also be great
  • thumbnails are inserted with the image tag twice right now.  They also need the “” in front of the location or they don’t show up using category searches right now…
  • apostrophes in posts using the submission form pick up a / before the ‘…  IE it’s becomes it/’s.
  • images are resized to 650 when ULed, maybe resize them to 1500 (incase someone ULs a full res) then use the old link style so that you can click and get the lightbox with the larger size file?
  • turn comments on by default

here’s the old code for the images that allows lightbox to display the full image:

<a href=""><img title="3509022038_1d8ba05cfa_b" src="" alt="" width="650" height="866" /></a>

OK, new list (6.3.2010 8:40pm) re-listing some of the prior items to keep it neat:

  • on the submit form, the inputs are centered for the old map width, needs to be moved right to the actual center
  • on the submit form, remove the “SWYS submission” above the map
  • on the submit form, can you make the window for the categories taller?  Also add some text to explain ctrl-clicking adds multiples at a time
  • on the submit for, ability to use a address to either zoom to it, or just to pick that point.
  • on the post page, the image is almost right, but check out the death valley post, my horizontal image is now taller than it was and narrower?
  • on the post page, clicking the image DOES lightbox it as it should!
  • on the post page, the normal description text is fixed, but the author and websites below can be outside of DIVs as well

6.4.2010 list:

  • posts: change the formatting for the poster’s name and domain (like you did for the test above the post, just remove the <DIV> tags if you can
  • posts/backend: add the lat/lon in text somewhere either in the post (in small text like the poster’s name/URL are now) right under the map, OR add them to a custom field in the backend. I just want them for something else
  • map: on the bubble’s that pop up on the map, make EVERYTHING smaller. Click the bubbles on the google map above your map on the map page. like that. All text should be that smaller size. The title should just be bold. The image is maybe too big as well, check the antigua post on the google map as it’s got a thumb in it
  • posts: the images in the posts are getting stretched out the 650 even if they’re smaller than 650 to begin with….
  • posts: the post maps should have the options for satellite, hybrid, terrain etc in the top right


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    dude, turn on comments as well!!!

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