How to Submit.

In order to submit a location to, you’ll need a bit of information in order to fill out the submit form:

  • Who you are (name, email and website if you’d like a free link).
  • the latitude and longitude of where your location is.
  • a sample image from your location that’s hosted online and not private.

For who you are, we need a name (can be a screen name or real name, however you want the author listed) and an email.  We need this information to help eliminate spam, but we will NEVER share your information with any outside sites and we have no plans on a mailing list internally either.  The website link is to give you a chance to share your other images with our readers.  This can be a flickr or pbase page, zenfolio or your own personal site.  It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s your personal images.

For the location information, we want the latitude and longitude as google maps display them.  The submission form has an interactive map at the top of the page to make this easy for you.  All you do is zoom in (double click or use the + and – buttons at the top left) until you’re right over your location.  Then just single click the spot (be patient, this can take a second at times) and the form will grab the latitude and longitude of your location as well as the county and town info.

Then, you’ll also want an image to show what you’ve shot there, put a link to an image URL you have online in the “image link” line.   The image must be hosted online (no C:/mydocument locations please!) and the privacy controls must be set to public.  Any image you submit will be hosted locally to avoid any issues with removed or changed images.  YOU maintain the copyright to the image, but by giving us a link you’re giving the right to use your image both in the post for that location and in slideshows of users work online.  We will NEVER give your images away or use them in any other way w/o your written permission.

Click here to go the the submit page!


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